ETAP: your partner in sustainability

Sustainability is more than just another fashion word at ETAP. Our company had sustainability in its DNA since the very beginning. The concept of sustainable development, production and overall management is  included in our mission statement and is kept alive in our daily business. We are convinced that we should keep up the effort to introduce our vision on sustainability our vision on sustainability to our employees, clients and partners.

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Sustainable building with BREEAM −  (1 Mb) 

BREEAM is the most common sustainability certification for building projects. In this brochure we show you how ETAP can help you to achieve an optimal score.

Sustainability report −  (4 Mb)  [10-2013]

This is ETAP's fourth sustainability report. It describes ETAP's sustainability vision and the concrete actions we took in 2013 and 2014 in order to implement this vision.

Green Safety leaflet −  (0.3 Mb) 

The use of LEDs in maintained luminaires reduces the environmental impact by as much as 70 % over fluorescent lamps. That is why ETAP introduces only new emergency lighting ranges that use LEDs as light source. Furthermore, ETAP has decided to switch to NiMH batteries. They are cadmium-free and consume less energy than NiCD Batteries. We labelled these initiatives aptly 'Green Safety'.


Solarwind.jpgETAP's sustainable lighting solutions 
Saving energy is a key element in every lighting commission for ETAP. If you want to see what intelligent creativity and commitment to sustainability can achieve, these projects might trigger your interest. Find out more.