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Colour rendering: CRI becomes CFI
Colour rendering in lighting has been represented for years by the Colour Rendering Index (CRI). Time for something new? 

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How long will your LED lighting really last?
Get to know your way around maintenance factors and service life.

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Why good quality drivers are important  
Output current fluctuations in LED lighting have a significant direct impact on luminous flux. The quality of the drivers is therefore of the utmost importance.

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Every lumen counts
Compare LEDs and fluorescents on the basis of your actual lighting needs.

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Overdimensioning or intelligent control?
How daylight control can compensate for the depreciation of your LED lighting.

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OLED: a new kind of lighting
Now that LEDs are slowly becoming the norm in terms of lighting solutions, a new technology is being developed, i.e., OLEDs.

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LEDs and light control, further savings
LEDs are not only an energy-efficient light source. They have a number of specific properties that make them particularly suitable for use with light control systems.

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Maintenance factors for application of LEDs
The maintenance factors used in lighting studies do not take sufficient account of the specific properties of LEDs, often resulting in inaccurate calculations.

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The (limited) risk of blue light
With high power LEDs, there is a risk of eye damage. Manufacturers should correctly measure the photo biological safety.

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How fast do you earn back the extra cost?
But does it pay today to replace your existing installation with LED lighting? ETAP will help you estimate the payback period.

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Watch out with LED tubes
It seems like a great idea to simply replace your fluorescent lamp by a suitable LED lamp . But there are a number of serious weakness connected to this.

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LEDs: time for objective quality information
Manufacturers of LED products eagerly publish performance and quality claims. But the information often cannot be compared.

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Optical design for LEDs, quite a challenge
With LEDS, a specific design of optics and luminaire is required, with special attention for light distribution and peak luminances.

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Electric safety with LEDs - less easy than it seems
It is often assumed that LED lighting does not present any special demands regarding electrical safety. This is however a misunderstanding.

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Power supply: an electronic work of precision
Power supply plays a crucial role in the performance and lifetime of a luminaire. Power supplies for LEDs need to meet a number of specific requirements.

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Why is the efficiency expressed in lm/W?
In the LED era, the efficiency of luminaires is expressed in lumen per Watt instead of percentage. There are good reasons for this.

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Why LEDs better keep their cool
LEDs are known for their high efficiency and long life. But these two are highly dependent on the working temperature.

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LED development - a discipline in its own right 
LEDs create new possibilities to innovate – provided that the manufacturer has the necessary expertise.

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How to deal with variations in colour?
The production process of LEDs inevitably leads to a high amount of variations in colour and light output. Nevertheless, ETAP will guarantee uniformity. 

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How efficient really are LEDs?
LEDs score significantly better than halogen. But will they soon also outdo fluorescent solutions?

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LEDs cold and stark? No way!
Using LEDs to make a room cosy and inviting? A lot of people don't believe this is possible. ETAP does.