Case study: AG Insurance

No flex work without flexible lighting

Cost savings, working more efficiently, greater employee satisfaction... More and more companies are becoming convinced of the benefits of flex work. AG Insurance was well aware of this when last year they embarked on the renovation of their head office in Brussels. ETAP provided custom-made LED lighting.

The head office of AG Insurance, Belgium's largest insurance company, employs 3,500 people. “By the end of this year, most of our employees will no longer have a fixed desk, but choose each day a workplace depending on their agenda", says Imaad Alla, technical expert at AG Insurance. "As a rule, everyone works in the new landscape offices. Individual "work bubbles" are available for those who want to work or make a call without being disturbed. There are, of course, also meeting rooms for discussions or conferences."
The new lighting supports this flex work system: meeting rooms and "work bubbles" are fitted with LED lighting and movement sensors, so that lighting is only activated when activity is detected. Lights in unoccupied areas are first dimmed and then turned off. An indicator light on the outside indicates whether the meeting is free or occupied.

Custom made
For the lighting of its new offices and customer areas, AG Insurance chose ETAP's U7 recessed luminaires with integrated air extraction. "Apart from the sleek design, important criteria for us were the limited mounting height (5 cm) and the flexibility”, explains Imaad Alla. “The ETAP solution made it possible to work in full compliance with our requirements: the square U7 luminaires, standard equipped with 24 or 36 LEDs, were fitted with 15 LEDs specially for our offices and meeting rooms. The required lighting level of 500 lux could thus be achieved."
A special version of the U7 luminaires with 60 LEDs was developed for the larger meeting rooms. The K7 emergency lighting provides clear signage and safe evacuation in case of emergency.

Sustainable image
The new lighting is being positively received. "The LED+LENS™ luminaires perfectly fit in with our new way of working. They stand for sustainability and add the right cachet to our renovated working environment. Finally, the low energy consumption is impressive. With the new luminaires we obtain an average specific output of 1.3 W/m²/100 lux", concludes Imaad Alla.

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