Case study: Majid Al Futtaim

LEDs, a strong statement


The real estate group Majid Al Futtaim (MAF) from the United Arab Emirates does not compromise when it comes to sustainability. With the renovation of its Dubai headquarters, the group aimed to make a strong statement. ETAP was selected as their lighting partner.

The real estate group MAF attaches a lot of importance to sustainability in all its activities. “Over the past decade environmental awareness has grown considerably in the United Arab Emirates,” according to Glenn Dawson, Senior Manager Operational Procurement at MAF. “The government encourages businesses and consumers to use energy and water in a more sustainable manner. As one of the leading project developers in the region, we realise that we have a major responsibility in this narrative and aim to play a pioneering role.”


A paragon of sustainability
MAF implements this commitment. “We strive for LEED Gold-certification for all our new projects and also invest heavily in the LEED certification for our existing buildings – where necessary we undertake renovation projects. In addition, we aim to save 15% energy and water in all our shopping centres over the next three years. Our commitment is for that matter not limited to projects we complete in the United Arab Emirates,but applies to all countries in which we are active.”
Obviously the group raised the bar for the renovation of its own headquarters. “Our new headquarters had to become a model of sustainability, which immediately makes it clear to staff, customers, and business partners that we are serious about our commitment,” states Glenn Dawson. No cost or effort was spared to create a sustainable, healthy and comfortable working environment in all areas – use of water and energy, ergonomics, use of material.


100% LED
It was obvious from the start that the group would opt for LED lighting. “LEDs are the sustainable choice par excellence for lighting due to their energy-efficiency and their long service life,” Glenn Dawson adds. “We did not want to compromise in this area either: not only were the offices equipped with LED lighting, but also the sanitary facilities, the lifts, the corridors and the reception spaces. It also has the added benefit that mercury is no longer present anywhere in the building.”
The lighting comfort has improved as well: the LED luminaires provide bright, even lighting in all areas. The unique design of ETAP's LED+LENS™ luminaires emphasises the lighting's innovative and sustainable nature. “Everyone who enters the building, immediately sees that this is no traditional lighting system. This connotation is very important if you want to make a statement,” says Michael Nuyttens, CEO for ETAP UAE. “The use of motion sensors throughout the building also highlights the energy-efficient aspect.”

Reliable partner
“We consciously chose ETAP as a partner in this project,” Glenn Dawson stresses. “ETAP not only produces a full range of LED lighting for all possible applications, but just like us they also attach a lot of importance to sustainability. Furthermore they were able to submit the right references and underpin their claims with the necessary figures and technical specifications. Lastly, extensive support and flexible service were decisive factors.”



Project data

- 850 Flare spots

- 560 D4 downlights

- 320 R7 suspended luminaires with integrated motion sensors

- 120 U7 recessed luminaires

United Arab Emirates
Al Reyami Interiors
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