Case study: AOC Terra

Energy-efficient lighting in practice

AOC Terra is a school group with 12 locations in the northern Netherlands. Teachers and students were able to start the school year in Eelde in a brand-new, energy-efficient building for vocational training. Thanks to ETAP's extensive range, every room was given the correct lighting. 

Transparency and sustainability were two key terms on which the architectural firm Klein Architecten based their work. Due to the numerous windows contact with the outside world is constant, but glass panels between classrooms also provide a feeling of space. Several rooms can be connected into one large space, which promotes collaboration across subjects.
All rooms look out onto a wide, central corridor, on the first floor as well as on the second floor. which not only makes traffic easier between classes, but also features seating arrangements where students from different classes can work together on tasks. Sufficiently high light output was therefore critical. The choice was made for a double row of R4 luminaires across the entire length of the corridor: one row surface-mounted and one row suspended with uplights.
The majority of classrooms were also fitted with R4 luminaires. Since there is a lot of incident light, ETAP recommended the integration of ELS sensors for daylight-dependent light control into the luminaires on the window side. Considerable energy-saving and completely in line with the building's sustainable character.
Workstations require specific lighting levels. Hence the industrial E6 luminaires. R4 diffusor luminaires – also with daylight control – give off comfortable and even light in the catering and care practice rooms.
“I am very pleased with the design and quality of the luminaires delivered by ETAP. They contribute to a contemporary look and do justice to the building’s overall quality,” according to Ernst Niezink, management consultant and project leader.


Project info
- 175 R4 luminaires with reflector (surface-mounted and suspended)
- 30 R4 surface-mounted luminaires with diffusor
- 75 E6 luminaires

Klein Architecten
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