Case study: Habitat Sud Atlantique

LEDs, love at first sight

It is in Aquitaine, a region in south-west France, that the head office of HSA, Habitat Sud Atlantique, is located. Recently, the building's interior has been refurbished for energy and cosmetic reasons. Where the new lighting was concerned, the aim was to achieve an innovative solution, which was also energy-efficient and pleasing to the eye. Three criteria that led to a 100% LED solution by ETAP.


The idea of a thorough renovation was conceived in 2012. The building, which dates back to the 1970s, had not only become an energy hog, but it also lacked comfort and a welcoming ambiance. As suggested by the architectural firm AADI and the research consultancy Ingetudes, HSA decided to carry out the renovation relying on noble products, which were also high-tech, innovative and energy-efficient.


GreenLight label
In terms of lighting, ETAP was requested to develop a 100% LED solution. After a few initial studies, a favourite emerged with the presentation of the U7/R7 range. Thanks to the innovative LED+LENS™ technology, the luminaires feature great visual comfort and high performance, which allows to limit the number of luminaires to be installed. What is more, they allow to integrate air extraction, as well as motion sensors (EMD) to increase comfort and achieve further savings. In short, the solution ticked all the boxes.
Today the renovation has been completed. The new lighting delights all users and project managers. Given the achieved savings, HSA is now a candidate for the GreenLight label.



Project data
- Recessed U7 luminaires with air extraction and motion sensors integrated into the offices
- R7 ceiling mounted and suspended luminaires in the reception area and meeting rooms.

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