Case study: itsme

Innovation sets the tone

The sales office of the itsme industrial supplier group in Rotterdam sets the example in terms of innovative lighting technology: ETAP’ K4 emergency lighting. The signage luminaires feature an OLED panel as their light source. 


Innovation is one of itsme’s core values. When ETAP was the first lighting specialist in the world to market emergency lighting with OLEDs at the end of 2013 , they immediately showed their interest. The construction of a new branch in Rotterdam, which houses the sales departments of ES Elektro and Hoogland-Mennens - two of the group’s subsidiaries - was a unique opportunity to start using the emergency lighting.

Ideal light source
The light source for ETAP’s K4 signage series is an OLED, an LED version based on organic materials. The organic materials are evenly spread across the entire surface of the safety sign. Hence the pictogram is no longer illuminated, it is the light source itself, which results in perfectly uniform lighting.
In addition, the K4 is also the slimmest emergency luminaire on the market. Since light source and sign form a single unit, the panel is a mere 4 mm thick. Electronics are built into the wall or ceiling. The luminaires are powered by EBS Compact, ETAP’s central battery system.

Safety is a priority
Design and innovation is one thing, but safety obviously remains the first concern in emergency lighting. That is why the K4 luminaire is fitted with patented light source monitoring: a sensor constantly measures the sign’s effective brightness and issues a warning as soon as it no longer satisfies the standard. Furthermore itsme’s Rotterdam subsidiary’s emergency installation is connected to ESM (ETAP Safety Manager). ESM continuously monitors the operation of the luminaires and immediately reports battery or operational issues. It also controls the central battery system EBS Compact. With ETAP’s OLED emergency lighting, itsme puts safety in the forefront and enhances its innovative image, by providing a visible example to its customers.


Project sheet

• 17 x dust and watertight K2 luminaires in warehouses
• 13 x K4 OLED luminaires in offices
• 17 x K9 luminaires for escape route and antipanic lighting in offices
• EBS compact
• ETAP Safety Manager (ESM)

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