Case study: Clinique Notre Dame de Grâce

Bespoke LED lighting

The Clinique Notre Dame de Grâce (CNDG) is a nearly 100-year old hospital in Gosselies, near Charleroi. The hospital initiated a thorough renovation in 2014 , of which the first phase was recently completed. Reception and administrative spaces are fully renovated and fitted with LED lighting. 


Before the start of the renovation the CNDG listened to its patients. “A TV for every patient, improved thermal and acoustic comfort, more colour in the hospital and adapted lighting – were frequently recurrent requests,” explains Dimitri Vermeulen, project engineer at CNDG. “The lighting had to be visually attractive, and at the same time comfortable and energy-efficient. This is how we ended up with ETAP.”


Aesthetic, economical and comfortable 
Three requirements were imposed on the new lighting. First and foremost the lighting had to contribute to the new, fresh design. The LED+LENSTM luminaires perfectly fit into the chosen interior concept. Sustainability was another important aspect in this renovation. With a specific power of 1.45 W/m2 /100 lux this requirement was also largely satisfied. Lastly, users’ comfort was also a prerequisite. The luminaires’ lenses have a patented surface structure that controls luminance and reduces the LEDs’ glare (UGR < 16).


Flexible and bespoke luminaires 
The false ceiling represented an additional challenge: ETAP provided a tailored solution in collaboration with the ceiling’s supplier, whereby the luminaires are neatly integrated into the ceiling tiles. Not only is the colour of the luminaires geared to that of the ceiling, their position also varies, in order to achieve an attractive, uniform arrangement..


Find the emergency lighting 
The CNDG opted for K9 emergency lighting with LEDs, a series characterised by discreet, minimalist design. The LED modules for escape route and anti-panic lighting are so small and unobtrusive that they are barely visible with the naked eye. The signage luminaires feature an evenly lit pictogram, which guarantees optimum safety.



Project sheet 

- U7 & R7 luminaires (LED+LENSTM )
- K9 signage luminaires
- K9 luminaires for anti-panic and escape route lighting

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