Case study: Jansen Finishing

Tailored solutions detailed to perfection

At the beginning of this year, the Jansen Service centre opened its doors in Zonhoven. Here, Building Group Jansen, a specialist in the interior finishing work of buildings, showcases the various options of the Alura climate ceilings in a number of conference and seminar spaces. ETAP supplied seamlessly integrated LED+LENSTM  lighting for the technical ceilings.

Smart ceilings
A sophisticated cooling system - based on a network of water pipes - hides behind Jansen’s climate ceilings. “The unit is able to cool as well as heat,” explains Product Development Manager Johan Croimans. “The smart control uses the excess heat or cold air available in the building. Due to this energy recycling we achieve high performance.”


Minimalist design
In order to be able to use as much of the ceiling area as possible for the technical cooling panels, it was important to integrate lighting and other technical modules (smoke detectors and ventilation grilles, among others) as compactly as possible into the bandraster. “The result not only ensures optimum efficiency of the cooling ceilings, but is also extremely attractive aesthetically. Thanks to this seamless integration our ceilings retain a low-key, minimalist appearance,“ says Johan Croimans.  

Energy savings through lighting
The chosen LED lighting nicely fits in with Jansen Finishings’ sustainability concept. The U7 and D4 luminaires with LED+LENSTM technology guarantee low energy consumption and long service life (the LEDs still achieve 97% of their luminous flux after 50,000 burning hours). In the larger offices the luminaires are fitted with individual daylight sensors, in the smaller spaces, central daylight sensors and presence detectors result in additional energy savings and extra comfort. “We are pleased with the extra savings and flexibility provided by the central sensors,” adds Johan Croimans. “Once in use, the dimming level was easily adjusted using the remote control.”


Best possible safety
ETAP was also responsible for the emergency lighting in the new service centre. Optimally illuminated pictograms (K9 with LED) ensure safe evacuation in emergency situations. The compact LED modules for escape route and anti-panic lighting are also integrated into the bandrasters. 



Project sheet
- 115 U7 recessed luminaires (LED+LENSTM )
- 14 D4 downlights (LED+LENSTM )
- 22 K9 signage luminaires
- 27 integrated LED modules for emergency lighting
- individual & central daylight and motion sensors