Case study: Biblioteca Daniel de Sá

Welcome to Portugal’s most efficient library

Portugal’s most efficient library was inaugurated at the end of 2014: The Daniel de Sá municipal library in Ribeira de Grande, on São Miguel Island in the Azores. The new LED lighting is controlled by the Excellum2 light control system.

The new library is situated in the old Casa de Natividade, a building listed as municipal heritage, but that had been vacant for quite some time. The listed monument underwent a thorough renovation over the past year, whereby the focus was on sustainability. Today the building houses a large reading room, smaller story and research spaces, as well as an auditorium, a magazine zone and a checkout counter. Suitable LED lighting was chosen for each space.


Bespoke system
For efficiency reasons the municipality opted to have the new LED lighting controlled centrally by the new Excellum2 light control system. As usual ETAP configured the system to the customer’s specifications and in accordance with the building’s properties. For example, the library used daylight-dependent light control, presence detection, intelligent time control, adjustment to the task, evolving with the building and scenario setting.


Light depending on the time of day
The daylight sensors lead to major savings, thanks to the many windows and ample daylight. Also the more centrally placed luminaires can generally be dimmed 30%, which results in extra savings. Through scenario-setting, you can choose more lighting levels, for example at night or for special events and presentations. For smaller reading spaces, several lighting levels are possible as well, depending on the relevant activity. Thanks to calendar function and presence detection the light is only switched on when and where necessary - without users having to manually switch the light. This contributes to energy savings, user-friendliness and personal comfort, to the great satisfaction of staff and readers.



Project sheet
• 78 LED downlights
• 71 E1 and E7 luminaires
• 18 x accent lighting (Flare spot & WA?)
• 29 LED+LENSTM  luminaires
• 128 R8 LED luminaires
• 106 emergency lighting luminaires (K2 & K9), centrally managed with ETAP Safety Manager
• 1 Excellum2-controller and 22 sensors