Case study: Jermayo

The perfect business card

Food company Jermayo did not want to take any risks in the renovation of its office buildings. “Customers from home and abroad visit us on a daily basis. Our offices are therefore our business card and have to convey our corporate values of quality and innovation,” according to business manager Johan Van De Velde. 


Jermayo in Lier, Belgium, is a producer of sauces, salads and culinary dishes. The company grew from a small family business into an international concern with a turnover of 22 million euros. “It was therefore high time that our company premises followed this expansion. After the construction of a new production facility in 2007, we have invested 2 million euros in the renovation of our offices over the past 3 years.”

Opting for quality and innovation
With its lighting, Jermayo put the cherry on the pie. Due to a prior successful collaboration they quickly ended up with ETAP. “The requirements were particularly high, both technically and architecturally. They resolutely opted for LED lighting throughout the building. A future-proof solution, which thanks to the energy savings and minimal maintenance in the longer term is also the right economic choice,” states Johan Van De Velde.
Marc Bex of LABO architecten firm also looks back on the collaboration with satisfaction. “The solutions ETAP provided were fully in line with our design of open and clean office spaces. The rhythmicity of the LED diffusors in the ceiling, the continuous Kardó light lines and innovative, minimalistic K9 emergency lighting: lighting played an important part in the implementation of our vision.”


Project sheet 
- UM2 and U2 diffusers
- D3 downlights
- Flare spots
- R8 suspended luminaires
- Kardó light lines (suspended & recessed)
- K9 emergency lighting (signage)
- K9 mini (anti-panic and escape route)

LABO architecten
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