Case study: Ospedale di Rivoli

Saving 75% energy thanks to intelligent LED lighting

The Rivoli hospital, near Turin, is beaming once again after a complete makeover: the old fluorescent lighting was replaced by the latest generation LED lighting. The new luminaires use an impressive 75% less energy. 


The Rivoli hospital’s story is the same as that of many other Italian hospitals: obsolete lighting installations which offer little comfort and are highly inefficient to boot. On the other hand 24/7 use of lighting results in the savings potential being huge. The hospital in Rivoli is a member of a hospital group and was used as a trial project to assess what a switch to LEDs would look like in practice.
Luca Bonadonna, energy manager within the organisation, supervised the project: “After an energy audit in the past year we have sought an innovative and energy-efficient alternative. It had to be a technically high-quality LED solution, which excelled in both comfort and efficiency, within a clear-cut budgetary framework”.

Professional support 
The ETAP solution was able to convince across the board: the U7 luminaires with LED+LENS™ technology satisfy the requested photometric performance, meet the most stringent visual requirements (UGR < 16) and are categorized in the lowest photobiological safety class (GR 0).
“It was a conscious choice based on not only the high technical qualities of the product but the eye-catching design as well. And not least because we could count on a thorough and professional support from ETAP.”

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The achieved savings are particularly convincing: annual energy consumption for lighting dropped from 390,000 to 94,000 kWh, which boils down to an energy saving of 75%. The luminaires themselves are particularly energy-efficient and are furthermore fitted with integrated daylight sensors. The latter ensure that the light is dimmed as much as possible during the day, which allows us to make major additional savings,” according to Luca Bonadonna.

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