Case study: Universiteit Van Amsterdam

ETAP spreads the light

After a thorough renovation the Roeterseiland campus of the University of Amsterdam (UvA) fully satisfies contemporary needs and requirements in education and scientific research. ETAP’s lighting solution perfectly fits into this scenario. 

ETAP was responsible for the (emergency) lighting in building G, a huge property on Prinsengracht, designed by architect Hulshoff in 1934. The building houses the psychology faculty. The client’s specific requirements included: an LED lighting solution, 500 lux everywhere in the workplace, low glare (UGR < 19) and the option to adjust the lighting by means of presence detection and daylight-dependent control. The UvA, familiar with ETAP quality, opted for a LED+LENS™ solution: R7 surface-mounted and suspended luminaires and U7 recessed luminaires.

Lights out 
The lighting is operated without switches or push-buttons: the luminaires feature built-in sensors, which detect motion as well as measure incident light. The settings can be easily adjusted subsequently by remote control. Interesting to know is that the lighting is switched off by default. The lighting is switched on once someone is present, which results in further energy-savings.
Light control is not only about energy-efficiency. The user’s comfort is also important. If no motion is detected for some time, lighting is initially dimmed. Subsequently the lighting is completely switched off. This in order to prevent abrupt transitions.

Reliable emergency lighting 
In university buildings – and by extension in all public buildings – reliable emergency lighting is obviously critical. ETAP’s K9 series combines safety and efficiency with modern design.




- 90 U7 recessed luminaires
- 174 R7 suspended luminaires with light control
- 97 R7 ceiling-mounted luminaires with light control


Emergency lighting:
- 57 K9 escape route lighting
- 84 K9 safety signage

Tanja Buijs-Vitkova, Aiscube
Adviesburo Spelbrink
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