Case study: Scholencluster Harmelen

Three schools under one roof

In Harmelen three primary schools are now housed in a single building. The schools under these so-called merged roofs retain their own identity, with a few common elements. ETAP's lighting is one of them. 

After 15 years of making plans 2016 was the year: the three Harmelen primary schools – De Notenbalk, De Horizon and De Fontein - moved to a new building. The extramural childcare facility KMN Kind & Co also uses the new building.


For maximum learning performance 
Comfortable lighting and sufficient lumen output promote the children's learning performance. The client, the municipality of Woerden, wanted to improve over the minimum 300-lux requirement. Another concern was sustainability. With solar panels, a living roof and heating/cooling by means of a heat pump, the school group focuses on renewable energy. It was therefore also logical that they would opt for the most energy-efficient lighting, i.e., LED lighting.
“However, initially there was no budget for this,” according to ETAP advisor Eelco Nieuwenhuizen. “But, together with the installer, the architect and the advisor, we were able to produce a convincing presentation. A visit by all parties to ETAP's Malle-based Light Pavilion clinched the deal.”


Nearly energy neutral 
The client chose U7 luminaires for the classrooms. The wide-angle light distribution, high light comfort and specific luminous flux (up to 140 lm/W) make the U7 an ideal solution for classrooms. For corridors and high-traffic areas, they opted for the D4, also an LED+LENS™ solution.
Motion and daylight sensors result in additional energy savings: the lighting dims or switches off once sufficient daylight is present, or whenever the space is not used. Thanks to these measures the building is also nearly energy neutral.
Top-notch emergency lighting is obviously critical in a school. With ETAP's K9 emergency lighting, the client opted for tried-and-tested reliability.



Project sheet 

  • 290 x U7
  • 180 x D42 (of which a number with integrated LED module for emergency lighting)
  • 65 Flare spots
  • 12 x K9
  • 1 x Kardó line
Frencken/Scholl Architecten
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