Case study: Johanneum Gymnasium

School lighting: a speciality in its own right

As part of the expansion of the Johanneum Gymnasium in Herborn (Germany), ETAP was responsible for the lighting in the classrooms as well as the gym: two distinct solutions for different applications. 


A lot comes into play when it involves the lighting of schools. Not only are there requirements with respect to illuminance, consumption and installation options. A school also comprises several functions: classrooms, conference rooms, relaxation spaces, etc. It is therefore a plus to work with a lighting partner who cannot only offer an extensive range, but also possesses the know-how to provide the right solution for all these functions. 


Ideal for classrooms 
The Johanneum Gymnasium is one of the largest high schools in the federal state of Hessen. In 2016 the construction started on a new building for scientific studies.
For practical classes, they opted, in consultation with electrical installer EPL GmbH, architectural firm Diehl and the client, Lahn-Dill-Kreis, for the US series. In this softlight luminaire, a diffuser foil softens the light source, whilst a portion of the light is distributed through secondary optics, which results in even, comfortable light without compromising on illuminance. Hence ideal for classrooms, where students and teachers must be able to concentrate for long hours.


In the sport hall efficient lighting was required, which was also hard-wearing. As the room is also used for school performances, the lighting had to be dimmable. To do so, ETAP developed a custom luminaire, based on the E7, i.e., an LED+LENS™ solution with high lumen output as well as resistant against a stray football or other projectile.
In order to satisfy this requirement, the E7 underwent a ball test, which consisted of launching a ball 36 times at the luminaire, at a speed of 60 km/hour. After this ‘assault’, the luminaire is not supposed to display any damage, which could compromise electrical safety. The E7 luminaires passed the test with flying colours.


Good report
In the meantime, ETAP solutions were given a good report by the school management: ‘passed’ and onwards to the next renovation: in the coming years the arts department will in turn be housed elsewhere, once again using ETAP lighting.

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