Case study: Wöhler Technik GmbH

Renovation through innovation

To Wöhler Technik GmbH,  producer of equipment for plumbers, chimney sweeps and installers, innovation is a given. During the expansion of their Bad Wunnenberg headquarters they found an innovative partner in ETAP.  

In 2016 Wöhler Technik GmbH launched an ambitious expansion project, featuring a new two-storey production hall and an expanded office space for sales and administration. The latest technologies were used in the process, with an emphasis on energy-efficiency.
ETAP had already installed lighting for Wöhler in the past. A visit to the Malle-based Light pavilion convinced the project managers to collaborate once again.

Dual structure 
They opted for the E4 series in the production hall, an efficient solution for the lighting of large spaces. ETAP has developed DUAL•LENS™ technology especially for the E4. The surface structure of this linear lens creates a dual effect. The structure on the inside determines light distribution, whilst the structure on the outside reduces the brilliance of the LEDs.

Custom job 
The E4 largely met the requirements, i.e., even lumen output with minimum 400 lux on the work surface and high maintenance factor. Due to the abundant daylight available, daylight sensors had to be used where possible. In addition, the installation height on the first floor was limited, and resulted in the housing’s dimensions having to be amended, right up our Custom Design's alley.

U7 luminaires were installed in the office section: a stylish LED+LENS™ solution, which, thanks to the various light distributions, is suitable for both open-plan offices and smaller spaces.

Safety first 
Wöhler also called on ETAP for their emergency lighting. Here too the wide choice as well as the technical support by ETAP were decisive. In the production hall they opted for the K1 and K2; in the office spaces for the K9. The entire emergency lighting installation is connected to ESM Web. This system continuously monitors the status of the emergency lighting and schedules statutory tests.

Bad Wünnenberg
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