Case study: Muyshondt Gerona

Fusion of aesthetics and functionality

Potato wholesaler Muyshondt-Gerona NV based in Ranst (Belgium) is resolutely committed to quality and sustainability.  Quality was also a key factor in the choice of lighting for its new production facilities and offices. ETAP’s solution provided a perfect fusion of aesthetics and functionality.

Need for a total solution
Because of the diversity of rooms, Muyshondt-Gerona NV was looking for a lighting partner who could offer a total solution, from splinter proof lamps for the production environment to architectural lighting for the visitor area. After a visit to the ETAP light pavilion, the R4, R8, UT2 and Pearl lighting luminaires were selected. For the emergency lighting, Muyshondt-Gerona NV selected K1 and UT2 with built-in K9 module.Food safety is top priority
Food safety is key in the production environment. The whole area was equipped with splinter proof lamps. The lamps are surrounded by a thin, flexible protective cover in plastic. In case of lamp breakage, it will hold the splinters together, thereby preventing lamp components or shards from ending up in the food. ETAP also managed to come up with a suitable shatterproof solution for a number of less common lamp types.Link to navigation
The front façade of the office building is made from wood and steel. Physically located near the Albert Canal, Muyshondt-Gerona NV thus wanted to estalbish a link with navigation. ETAP and Muyshondt-Gerona NV preserved this concept in the lighting design of the visitor area, opting for the round forms of the Pearl and R8 luminaires.

Project sheet:

- 20 x UT2 (3 x 24W): square recessed luminaire
- 12 x R4 (2 x 49W): rectangular surface and suspended luminaires
- 6 x E6 (1 x 28W): cylinder-shaped surface luminaire
- 4 x Pearl (3 x 55W): spherical suspended luminaire
- 20 x K1: emergency lighting
- 55 x UJ201 (2 x 11W): square recessed luminaire
- 8 x E6 (1 x 28W): high protection factor luminaire