Case study: Mediathèque Bourg-lès-Valences

Architectural project in the heart of the cityThe new mediatheque of Bourg-lès-Valance is part of a large-scale urban development project launched by the municipality. With this project, it seeks to develop and redesign part of the centre, in the vicinity of the Town Hall. The mediatheque is a design of Ludovic Viguet and Enri Chabal from Chabal Architectes, a leading architects firm. The engineering design was entrusted to Olivier Berger from Meylan-based design office CET. The entire project was supervised by Bruno Gallot from the municipal department of Heritage & Energy.

The building, with a net surface area of 1500 m², was deliberately kept low to preserve the view of the Ardèche's mountain ridges. Inside, a central section ensures that all rooms around the atrium are interconnected. The busiest rooms (reading café, exhibition and animation rooms) are oriented to the south, thereby highlighting the urban aspect and reinforcing the link between the mediatheque and the district. The rooms housing books, DVDs, etc. and the reading rooms are oriented to the north and open out to the garden.

The project
First of all, the lighting solution had to offer proper lighting that combines visual comfort with lower energy usage. In addition, the system had to be maintenance friendly, while at the same time blending in with the minimalist architecture. The design of the luminaires was carefully taken into consideration from the outset of the project, so they could be perfectly integratedinto the different ceiling types.

The solution
An illuminance of 500 lux is required in the reading rooms, 400 lux in the reading café and the exhibition and animation areas, and 300 lux in the public entrance, the entrance hall with information desk and the central section. In order to obtain this result and to simultaneously reduce power consumption, the city opted for ETAP reflector luminaires. The use of UT18 and U1 luminaires together with D1 and D3 type downlights allowed the installed power to be reduced considerably.The result Compared with the classic solution of the tender description, the mediatheque now saves 33 % on energy usage and maintenance costs. What is more, this cost saving does not go at the expense of the result. On the contrary, the 500 lux illuminance is maintained, resulting in improved working conditions and safety, even though the power amounts to only 2,68 W/m²/100 lux. The quality of the reflectors of the ETAP luminaires substantially adds to the visual comfort, which constitutes a very important factor in this type of building. The lighting in this building fully complies with the latest requirements, and has been awarded the GreenLight label.

Project sheet:

- 36 x UT18 and U1 recessed luminaires
- 48 x D12 downlights
- 234 x D3 downlights, square
- 3 x FA5 wall luminaires
- 13 x K1 emergency lighting for lighting
- 20 x K5 emergency lighting for signage

power: 2,68 W/m²/100 lux
saving: 33 %

Sports and leisure
Chabal Architectes
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