Case study: Hempelmann

Hempelmann Kassel: expert chooses ETAP

HS-C. Hempelmann Kassel KG is a wholesale distributor of supplies for many installers in the Kassel region. The firm specialises in building technology, electrical installations and light engineering. For the erection of their new office building in Kassel/Waldau, they asked ETAP to design and supply an optimal lighting system.Wholesale specialising in building technology
Hempelmann Kassel is part of the GC group, a partnership of 80 medium-sized wholesale companies scattered across Germany. The company originally focused on sanitary equipment, but in recent years it has gradually expanded its competences to the electricity sector and light engineering. To accommodate its steady growth, Hempelmann Kassel has recently commissioned a new and larger building. It is comprised of a modern warehouse, showrooms for e.g. light engineering and offices for its 45 employees. ETAP supplied a total of approx. 400 lighting luminaries and emergency lighting for a surface area of 40,000 m².‘Enlightened’ partnershipThere is a specific reason why they chose ETAP. We have in fact for some years been working with this wholesale in the field of high-quality lighting solutions. Together we advise, supply and guide customers with projects that call for ergonomically sound and energy-saving lighting concepts. Distributors are supported with an expert lighting planning service, so they can offer their customers not only high-quality solutions but also opportunities for energy and operating cost savings.

The right exampleFor its own building, Hempelmann Kassel chose ETAP’s environment-friendly lighting system. Optimised energy use is achieved mainly via the daylight dependent ELS control. Fewer than 200 E5 luminaires provide excellent and uniform lighting in the warehouse. The industrial rail system incorporates 60 escape route and signage luminaires K1, enabling employees to rapidly and safely exit the building in the event of an emergency.

In the offices and showrooms, 65 UM18 luminaires with the innovative MesoOptics™ technology create a pleasant work environment, without any glare on the computer screens. A total of 50 high-quality emergency lighting luminaires of the K9 series with state-of-the-art LED technology ensure the safety of the employees. The ETAP Safety Manager (ESM), a central, computercontrolled monitoring and control system, continuously checks the proper operation of each individual emergency lighting luminaire.The entire building is a showcase of efficient, energy-saving lighting in warehouses and offices. It obviously reinforces the credibility of Hempelmann Kassel in the area of high-quality lighting concepts.

Project sheet:

- 176 E53x/180HFE
- 22 E5200/280HFE
- 41 x K113/11N2 emergency lighting
- 18 x K133/6P emergency lighting for signage

- 65 x UM187/224HFE
- 6 x U5867
- 6 x U1707
- 18 x K9243/1P emergency lighting for signage
- 32 x K9013/3N K9 emergency lighting modules

Emergency lighting with ESM

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