Case study: Hotel Mercure

LED lighting for atmospheric hotel rooms

LEDs are increasingly finding application in the professional market. The Accor group, for example, asked to work out a project with LED lighting for the Mercure Etoile Hotel in Paris.

It is perfectly possible to create atmospheric room lighting with LED luminaires. Various atmospheres can be created by means of colour control. The slightly greater initial investment is fully recovered after a few years thanks to the low energy and maintenance costs of LEDs as compared to conventional halogen lighting.

Beside the entrance hall, the lobby and the restaurant, a total of 50 rooms were equipped with LEDs. A LED strip provides indirect lighting behind the bed. The glass partition between bathroom and bedroom is illuminated from above by Pluto luminaires (8W) with colour control. The same Pluto luminaires (7.2W) are used in the bathroom to create atmospheric light.

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