Case study: Deutsche Post

Customer house styleDeutsche Post wanted to improve the lighting of the sorting stations at its sorting centres. The requirements were: a higher illumination level on the envelopes, no disability glare, individual switchability and mounting on the existing sorting furniture. ETAP developed a luminaire with an asymmetric reflector to achieve the illumination required on both the work surface and the vertically arranged sorting bins. Neither the sorters not their environment are exposed to glare. The luminaires are fitted with support arms so that they can be fastened to the sorting cabinets, which come in various types and sizes. The sorter can operate the lamp with a small switch located on the support arm. And as a finishing touch the luminaire is painted in the Deutsche Post colour.Attention was also paid to the general lighting. The E34 line-system provides a good shielding thanks to the sophisticated reflector. The E34 line system provides excellent shielding thanks to its well-designed reflector. Each E34 line is equipped with an MDD (Movement Dependent Dimmer). This motion-sensitive sensor dims the lamps to the lower set level when no one is present in the area. A smart investment, which has already generated savings of more then 50 %.

Project sheet:

- 187 customised asymmetric beam light distribution for task lighting
- 147 E34 line luminaires
- customised mounting brackets
- movement-dependent switching

Alzenau/Bad Orb/Wörth
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