Case study: Banco Santander Central Hispano

High light comfort, perfect integration

For its offices, Spanish bank Banco Santander Central Hispano needed 15,500 luminaires suitable for air extraction via the luminaire. Additional requirements included perfect integration with the ceiling, high light comfort, ease of installation and a DALI electronic ballast (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) in the luminaires. In close cooperation with the ceiling manufacturer, ETAP developed recessed luminaires that blended in with the ceiling. Needless to say, the ceiling looks stunning, as if the reflectors were seamlessly incorporated into the ‘ordinary’ ceiling planks.

T5 - ø16 mm lamps are highly temperature sensitive. Cooling by air extraction via the lamp can reduce efficiency by 30 %. That is why, for this project, we opted for an EQUILUM® reflector with air extraction outside the lamp compartment. This bypass system is a patented ETAP invention.

Project sheet:
- 15,500 customised luminaires
- 15,500 ceiling tiles as housing
- EQUILUM® reflectors
- DALI ballast

  • Banco Santander_beeldenSUX007C3.jpg
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  • Banco Santander_beeldenSUT1002I1.jpg
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