Case study: Verzorgingstehuis Ten Hove

Atmospheric, functional and energy-efficientIn the care sector lighting is of significant importance for visual comfort and human well being, as ETAP’s energy efficiency offers financial and ecological well being. In addition, energy efficiency plays an important role. The new rest and care home in Mol scored on all fronts by opting for ETAP's lighting solutions.

Meeting divergent needs
The lighting in the new buildings perfectly addresses widely divergent needs. It is both atmospheric and cosy, so that residents can feel at home. But it is also functional and ingenious, allowing the care staff to efficiently perform their duties.

Nice balance
The patient rooms are equipped with a combination of D14 downlights and Kardó wall luminaires (with direct and indirect lighting), thereby creating a nice balance between comfort and functionality. The soft UM1 diffusers produce a pleasant working environment in the offices and rooms. In the corridors, the D30 square downlights and the FA4 wall luminaires create a bright environment and optimal visibility, also at night.
Efficient central control
An efficiënt, central control of the lighting was just as important for the rest and care home. This is where Excellum's ELM light control steps in. Ten Hove saves up to 64% of energy with its lighting, thanks to the movement detectors, intelligent time control, individual luminaire control, and appropriate lighting for each task. Not only the luminaires, but also the 320 movement detectors and 178 wall switches are connected to ELM.

An ingenious mix of lighting luminaires for an optimal balance between comfort and functionality.

Project sheet:

- 128 wall luminaires (Kardó) in the rooms;
- 520 round downlights (D14) int the rooms;
- 385 square downlights (D30) for corridors and living rooms;
- 56 diffuser luminaires (UM1) in offices and rooms;
- 115  wall luminaires (FA4) in the corridors.
- Excellum’s ELM (light control for buildings) not only controls all these luminaires, but also connects 178 wall switches and 320 movement detectors.

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