Case study: Ehrbecker Schiefelbusch

Ehrbecker employees stay alert with ETAP lighting

For their new head office in Raamdonksveer (the Netherlands), Ehrbecker Schiefelbusch, themselves a supplier of light engineering solutions, resolutely opted for dynamic light. With this innovative system, they enhance their professional image and increase the well-being of their personnel.

Dynamic light need not be expensive and exclusive, and that is just as well. Playing with light intensity and different kinds of light not only adds atmosphere, but has also scientifically been proved to positively affect our biorhythm. A warm reddish light, for instance, boosts the production of sleep hormones, whereas a cooler bluish light keeps us active.

Ehrbecker Schiefelbusch sought to fully exploit this knowledge. In the morning and afternoon, there is more blue light in the offices to reduce production of the sleep hormone. In the late afternoon, the light level is lower. The personnel experience the positive, stimulating effect of this light control, which is moreover effected fully automatically.

In the company restaurant, the lighting can vary as a function of the activities. If the customer chooses the ‘clean up’ mode, for example, the U5 luminaires will emit a cool white light. In the ‘atmosphere' mode, the round SCOUP luminaires with their warm light provide a cosy atmosphere during the lunch break.

Central control and monitoring of the dynamic lighting makes for significant energy savings, a requirement that was clearly established by the client at the start of the project.

Ehrbecker Schiefelbusch did not take long to choose ETAP as partner for this project, for “they are known in the market for their flexibility in providing lighting solutions”. Also the fact that ETAP provides a quick response as well as fully customised solutions was much appreciated by the customer.

Project sheet:


- 565 X UM1, long recessed luminaire with dynamic light
Company restaurant:
- 160 x U5860 long recessed luminaire with reflector
- 59 x SCOUP round softlight luminaire
- D30 square downlights

- 96 x lighting, including DIPP 6
Corridors :
- 170 x D30 square downlights
- 36 x ELLO softlight wall luminaires
Various locations:
-16 x R48
- K9 signage with LEDs for emergency lighting and K9 LED module for escape route lighting, integrated in D30
(45 x K9243, 17 x K9223, 7 x K9213)
- Movement detectors ECC

Ehrbecker Schiefelbusch

is an electrical wholesaler who has, for more than a century, supplied solutions in the field of electrical, light, cable and automation technology. Their customers range from industrial end users to installers specialised in infrastructure and civil engineering. The company boasts a wide range of high quality products, advanced technical support, and personal service. Ehrbecker Schiefelbusch employs 340 people at 15 branches across the Netherlands. They have recently inaugurated their new, modern head office of approx. 9,000 m² in Raamdonksveer.