Case study: Passage Kino

'Passage Kino' in Hamburg (restored) in all its splendour

The ailing almost century-old movie theatre in Hamburg’s Mönckebergstrasse was saved at the eleventh hour by Heinz Lochmann, who already operates cinemas at five other locations.. The three cinemas were equipped with new comfortable seats, state-of-the-art digital and 3D technology, and new general and emergency lighting. For the renovation Lochmann’s first aim was to preserve and reinforce the theatre’s Art Deco atmosphere, for which he received active support from Wiebracht & Partner, the Hamburg-based design office.

Atmospheric cinema halls, safe corridors

The developer selected UW LED luminaires for the cinema halls. The housings were painted black, rendering them virtually invisible in the dark hall. Also for emergency lighting the developer chose ETAP LED luminaires. Luminaires are dimmed via a light control system. This enables visitors to leave the hall in all safety also during the show, thereby preventing nuisance caused by unnecessary light.

For emergency lighting K7 anti-panic and escape route lighting were combined with K9 anti-panic lighting. Also in stairs and hallways K7 and K9 guaranties the safety of the visitors in emergencies.


ESM for central monitoringFor the renovation, the client again deliberately opted for the field-proven solution consisting of self-contained luminaires. The client chose to install the ESMweb system. ETAP’s central monitoring and control system monitors the entire emergency lighting system of the movie theatre and automatically maintains a DIN EN 50172 compliant log book. ESMweb eliminates the need for manual logs, the person responsible for maintenance can at any time and from any location monitor the condition of the safety lighting at the movie theatre in the Mönckebergstrasse via an internet connection. This not only improves safety but also reduces running costs. 


- 37 x UW1 LED orientation luminaires
- 29 x K7 LED escape route and anti-panic luminaires
- 70 x K9 LED escape route and anti-panic luminaires
- 79 x D14 downlights

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