Case study: Moses Mahbida Stadium

ETAP lighting in World Cup football stadium in DurbanMoses Mahbida Stadium
In 2010 football lovers from all over the world turned their attention to South Africa where the World Cup, the first on African soil, was held. 64 matches were played in 10 different stadiums. The most impressive, without a doubt, is the Moses Mabhida Stadium in Durban. This stadium, with a capacity of 70,000, is ‘suspended’ from a spectacular arch. This arch symbolises South Africa's unification through sport.Challenging job
Conceptlicht in Traunreut (South Germany) designed the lighting concept for the roof, the stands and the advertising panels. The job was a challenge: in spite of the high lighting levels, glare had to be avoided at all cost. Watertight housing (IP65) and precise directional luminaires were other requirements. Working closely with Conceptlicht, ETAP developed and produced bespoke reflectors. Tecnolite – our South African partner for the last ten years – designed and manufactured the housing for the 850 reflectors. Catwalk
All this lighting was installed in a kind of technical ‘catwalk’ which is suspended from the roof like a big oval. Four types of luminaires have been used, all with special ETAP reflectors. Two light the roof structure, the other two are asymmetric or directed straight down and light the stands and the advertising panels.  

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Different types of luminaires were delivered, on 3 locations in the catwalk. All luminaires comply with the IP65-standard. Very strict photometric requirements were laid down for an optimum luminance angle.


Durban Stadion ZA 2_EHE8-285px.jpg


Location A: At the top of the catwalk about 400 asymmetric-beam luminaires light the roof. These luminaires are directional for optimum uniformity and to avoid the light shining next to the roof. 170 luminaires have been fitted with black baffles to restrict the luminance.

Location B: On the outside of the catwalk, about 50 luminaires shine extra light to the bottom of the roof and advertising panels. These luminaires have different lamp positions and are fitted with baffles.

Locatie C: From the bottom of the catwalk 400 luminaires light the stand. The luminaires are based on the E4 reflector and are fitted with symmetrical low luminance baffles.

The client was very satisfied with the solution we worked out.

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