Case study: Eland House

Only best in class is good enough for British Government department

Eland House saves 70% energy with ETAP lighting solution

The British Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) recently renewed the lighting installation in their London office building to meet today’s energy standards. “Energy-efficiency was top priority in this project,” says senior project manager Steve Tilling of ETAP. “DCLG is responsible for issuing energy-efficiency standards and regulations for all new and refurbished buildings. It is obvious that they must lead by example and only the best in class solution could be used for their own premises.”

The DCLG main offices are in Eland House in London. In terms of energy-efficiency, this used to be one of the worst performing buildings on the entire Government estate. “This fact was a particular source of embarrassment since one of DCLG’s primary responsibilities is to rate new or refurbished buildings regarding their energy usage. Simply stated, DCLG’s premises did not comply with the department’s own building regulations,” observes Tilling.

Comprehensively tested and approved
As a result, DCLG commissioned renovation works and asked a number of lighting companies for proposals to improve the efficiency of the 2x36W lighting system then in use. After numerous meetings and a comprehensive on-site testing program, ETAP’s MesoOptics™ luminaire proved to be the most efficient solution by far. This 1x36W PL diffuser clearly outperformed the existing Eland House lighting while consuming approximately 70% less energy.

Expertise and manpower to successfully meet requirementsApproximately 3,500 diffuser luminaires were installed in Eland House between March and May 2010. Each MesoOptics™ luminaire had to be adapted to match the rather unusual 500x500mm Eland House ceiling modules. Additionally, ETAP had to reprogram some of the control features to meet a number of DCLG’s specific requirements. The work was completed on schedule, due in part to ETAP’s in-house expertise and manpower.
Because of this success, DCLG commissioned the installation of another 1,000 diffuser luminaires in its GOWM Building in Birmingham.

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