Case study: Pedro-boat Jachtbouw

Waterproof lighting solution for Pedro-boat JachtbouwNew custom-made paint boothPedro-boat Jachtbouw in Zuidbroek (Groningen, the Netherlands) is a famous Dutch boat yard for steel motor yachts, with locations in the Netherlands and elsewhere in Europe. Pedroboat recently expanded its yard with a new shed for the treating, sanding, filling and lacquering of yachts. The shed was also to include a paint booth measuring 20 metres long, 9 metres wide and 6 metres tall. 

Tailored lighting engineering
What is unique about the paint booth is that it is built from available standard components and parts. The walls consist of insulated sandwich panels in which light beams are recessed at various heights. In addition to high-efficiency lighting the paint booth has its own air treatment and heat recovery systems. All technical installations (electrotechnology, mechanical engineering and process technology) in the new construction are designed and carried out by TBB (Technisch Bureau Blanke).

The client wanted a low-energy installation with a lighting level of no less than 1500 lux. The lighting obviously had to be watertight. And the maximum mounting depth could barely exceed 99 mm.

Based on their positive experience in the past, TBB contacted ETAP again. Together we developed a tailored solution. The luminaires – with a light source of 80 W – were installed behind a protective glass plate. A reflector from the low-energy E5 range was lowered in order to perfectly fit into the available space with its adapted base. Truly bespoke! In order to be able to save more energy, the lighting can be switched off in sections, adjusted to the dimensions of the object to be painted.

For general shed lighting the installer opted for watertight E6 luminaires. A lighting line, which can be adjusted to any height between floor and ceiling and also provides light between the boats.ETAP also delivered the emergency lighting. The paint booth is fitted with K3 ATEX emergency luminaires. Pedro-boat has been using the shed and paint booth for quite some time and is pleased with the result.

Project sheet:

- 130 x E62 (2x58W): high protection luminaires, polycarbonate housing and protective cover, reflector in high reflection aluminium
- 84 x E52 (1x80W): luminaires custom-made, with a lowered wide-angle reflector, an adapted base integrated into the wall
- 18 x K312 ATEX: dust and watertight emergency lighting luminaires (IP66), ATEX II 2 D (t = 80° C) zones 21 en 22

Zuidbroeck, Groningen
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