Case study: Drei-Linden-Schule

Safety and design in German sports hall

Renovating and expanding their “Drei-Linden” school, the city of Bad Soden-Neuenhain built a new sports hall on the grounds behind the school building. Commissioned in August 2009, it replaces the 45-year-old former sports hall. Investing EUR 2.75 million, the Main-Taunus district and the town of Bad Soden now offer a field for indoor sports and a gym space for the school, and in the afternoon for public use.

For the emergency lighting, the structural engineering office of the Main-Taunus district, and Büsing, the Frankfurt based developer, chose ETAP’s K9 and K2 luminaires. In addition, certain luminaires for general lighting also had to be incorporated into the monitoring system. An important criterion for the decision was the use of a central monitoring system for all emergency lighting luminaires.

ESM as an added value
ESM is a central management and control system for emergency lighting luminaires. It is already successfully in use by many schools in the Main-Taunus district. It not only takes care of the weekly checks required by EN 50172 and records these in an integrated logbook, it also makes analysing fault messages easy and supports maintaining the luminaires with detailed reports. At times were one maintenance employee has to look after several schools, ESM makes controlling and maintaining the emergency lighting system easier, thereby improving safety.Safety inside and outside
The elegant, iF-Design award-winning K9 LED emergency luminaires are used in hall ways and stairwells. With its minimalistic design, it perfectly blends in with the general building design. Its highly efficient LED technology guarantees an extremely long lifetime and minimal maintenance costs. The dustproof and watertight K2 (IP65) was chosen for functional areas such as changing rooms and showers, as well as for the outside. The K2 for outside applications features a daylight sensor that switches off the LED light source during the day. A special heating element for the battery ensures its in the cold down to -15 °C, resulting in a long battery life and low maintenance intervals and costs.

R8: pure and energy efficient lighting
The lighting in the hallways and stairwells, not only had to reflect the straightforwardness of the building, but also was supposed to create a bright, friendly atmosphere. ETAP’s R8 diffuser luminaire, winner of an 2008 iF award, perfectly fitted this purpose. The perfectly, evenly lit HaloOptics® diffusers creates a pleasingly bright, friendly atmosphere for the users, and its clean and simple design, plus the superb workmanship, convinced the architect.

A conscious decision was made to choose R8 surface-mounted luminaires with a polycarbonate diffuser, as a certain robustness is required in corridors, despite the lightness of the design. The outstanding efficiency of the R8 also guarantees low energy consumption. For the client, the R8 therefore combines a high degree of user-friendliness with an attractive design and environmentally friendly efficiency.

Despite the slim design, an emergency unit was installed in some of the R8 luminaires, to fit them for escape route lighting purposes. Special ballasts ensure that these escape route luminaires can also be incorporated into the ESM system, and thus be managed centrally. This sports hall is all respects a successful job!

Bad Soden-Neuenhain
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