Case study: SNECMA

Improved lighting, 35% less energy consumption

ETAP created a more efficient lighting with a careful spread of the luminaires. This enabled to increase light intensity and achieve greater uniformity of light inside SNECMA’s workshop. The use of natural light sensors and high performance luminaires reduced energy consumption by 35%. This achievement was rewarded with the GreenLight certification.15,000 m2 to be litThe SNECMA workshop in Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines (France) boasts an impressive 15,000 m2 work area. Here, civilian and military aircraft engines are disassembled, maintained, and repaired. Such precision work demands perfect lighting conditions. SNECMA gave ETAP the task of increasing the average light intensity within the workshop to improve working conditions for the site’s 750 employees. Another goal was to reduce energy consumption. In addition, the workshop wanted to minimize any risk of falling glass debris inside the engines. 

No shadow zones
‘Taking these requests into account, we installed a larger number of luminaires and spread them in a more efficient manner,’ explains François-Xavier Ravel from ETAP. ‘This has enabled the site to achieve a lighting intensity of 600 lux, compared to 450 previously, which represents a 33% improvement. All shadow zones have been eliminated. Moreover, the use of stacked fluorescent lamps reduces visual discomfort. Viewed from below, only one of every two lamps is effectively visible.’

Energy savings amount to 35%
The second aspect of the solution put in place by ETAP is the installation of high performance luminaires equipped with ELS sensors. These sensors regulate the level of artificial lighting, depending upon the amount of natural light available. This measure has enabled a reduction in lighting energy consumption within the workshop of 35%. Finally, all luminaires are now equipped with shatterproof lamps that eliminate the risk of glass falling down.

The relighting orchestrated by ETAP has enabled the workshop to obtain European GreenLight certification, which rewards energy efficiency.

Project sheet:

- 890 x E5200/2x80W luminaires with wide angled reflectors, half of which are equipped with an ELS sensor
- 20 x E5300/2x80W luminaires with narrow angled reflectors for rack areas

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