Case study: Vrije Middenschool Zonhoven

An example at a school of efficient lightingFor the Zonhoven Free Middle School, it is a matter of principle to work towards a better environment.  When the lighting in the classrooms and school buildings needed to be replaced, the school saw a good opportunity to do just that to work in a way that saves energy. Advice from ETAP helped them to do it.

Anyone who walks into the lobby of the Zonhoven Free Middle School will immediately notice that the school has an eye for aesthetics.  The VELA, R4 HaloOptics® and other ETAP luminaires lend the interior a contemporary feel.

Better lighting, lower consumption
However, aesthetics were not the only criterion.  With the renewal of the classroom lighting spread over several years, the school is going to save a lot of energy. And this is already discernible. The new luminaires use up to 50% less energy than before, while they increase the lighting level to 750 lux. On the window sides, ELS sensors dim the artificial light according to the amount of daylight coming in.Consultation produces resultsThe good results have a lot to do with mutual consultation and careful study of the lighting beforehand. An ETAP consultant evaluated of the situation on-site and collaborated closely with the school to find an solution for renewing the lighting. ETAP also helped the school with the grant application to Infrax, the network operator.


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