Case study: Katholieke Hogeschool Sint-Lieven

Ghent college of higher education sets exampleThe Catholic Sint-Lieven College in Ghent makes high demands on its lighting.  The school familiarises students with the latest technologies in the area of home electronics in its home electronics lab. It is therefore only logical that they would look for the most advanced and energy-efficient solutions for their own lighting. ETAP’s latest Flare LED downlights perfectly met these requirements.
Research on the latest home electronics technologies
In the centre of the home electronics lab at the Ghent Sint-Lieven KaHo, a small House of the Future has been set up. “It is our showpiece,” according to coordinator Sylvie De Muynck, “it sets an example for the entire school. Here, electrical engineering students learn all about the latest home electronics technology. To do so we closely monitor the market. For lighting we partner with ETAP. We meet with them twice a year in order to exchange experiences and to discuss which new products we can integrate, new LED lighting, for example, or the latest light control systems.”LED downlights save energy and costs
The school obviously also applies this philosophy to the choice of its own lighting. Recently, for example, the lighting in the passageway to the polyvalent room was renewed. “Originally some 60 spots were planned to achieve a lighting level of 100 to 150 lux,” states Eddy Snauwaert of ETAP. “With the high light performance and excellent light distribution of the new Flare LED downlights (D4), however, we were able to achieve the same lighting level with only nine luminaires, which not only saves energy, but also benefits the budget. And replacing light bulbs is so passé! Furthermore, the space is beautifully lit, thus showcasing the authentic atmosphere and the bricks in various colours.”

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