Case study: L und M GmbH

Spectacular lighting for server roomAn extraordinary challenge
The mission of L und M GmbH is to be the most attractive document processing specialist. Whether a company uses digital or analogue documents to convey information, L und M GmbH provides a concept for a better information flow and document workflow in all segments.In May 2010, the foundation stone was laid for a new building according to the latest ecological standards and adapted to the lean work processes that L und M pursues. A special requirement to be met by the Kiel architect firm HKW Architekten was to put the core server of the company in the limelight through inventive and innovative lighting. The architect knew that ETAP was the right partner for special requirements, in particular as far as special solutions are concerned. After tackling the subject from various angles, the final decision fell on a LED solution with 90 LED special suspendant luminaires from ETAP.Server illuminated over three building floors

The luminaires made of 90 tubular HaloOptics® polycarbonate diffusors are suspended from a ceiling unit to transparent feed cables of various lengths. The ceiling unit also contains Dali ballasts ensuring that the 90 LED lamps can be dimmed in three independent groups according to each building floor. Thus diverse beam paths and light patterns can be generated via programmable dynamic scenes from the core servers at the bottom of the building across the entire building height.

With this unique LED installation, ETAP has impressively succeeded in reflecting the L und M mission, efficient flow of information, via the clever use of light.

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The core server of the company is situated at the bottom of a large shaft that covers three building floors. In the shaft
there are 90 suspended LED luminaires that can be dimmed according to each floor

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