Case study: Mechelse Veilingen

Maximum saving, flexibility and comfort

The Mechelse Veiling in Sint-Katelijne-Waver is the largest co-operative society as a vegetable auction in Europe. ETAP provided optimal lighting for two recent ambitious construction projects.
Early 2010 the auction began with the construction of a 30,000 m² shed for the storage of the 155 million vegetable packages processed there each year. ETAP and its subsidiary Excellum offered a total solution of luminaires and a control system. The 218 movement sensors activate the lighting only where people are present. Furthermore, large light domes, combined with daylight sensors, ensure that the lighting is switched off or dimmed wherever possible. For the customer, this results in a significant saving, while the light control system provides comfort and flexibility.


Maximum comfort
At the end of last year Mechelse Veiling also decided to erect a modern crate washing facility, capable of unstacking, washing and restacking 20,000 crates per hour, within the existing infrastructure. For the lighting of this showpiece in its packaging department, the client again decidedly chose to partner with ETAP. The reasons? Considering the virtually fully continuous operation of the new hall and the crate washing facility, the Excellum light control system enables substantial savings to be made. Here, too, maximum comfort is ensured and the lighting can be modified or extended at any time.

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