Case study: Solvay Corporate Centre

Solvay Corporate Centre: efficient and stylish

Chemical giant Solvay has moved its Corporate Centre to Neder-Over-Heembeek near Brussels. The building was thoroughly renovated, which also included new lighting. Taking into account energy-efficiency, but also with a great sense of architecture.
“Solvay has always invested in efficiency,” according to Technical Manager José Thomas. “That is what has made us big. At the same time the company attaches a lot of importance to human aspects such as comfort and quality of the workplace. Human beings perform better in a pleasant and beautiful working environment.”
In the Corporate Centre offices Solvay opted for ETAP's UT1 diffusers. “This is the company's business card,” clarified Thomas. “We just wanted a little more refinement in the details here and a superior architectural finish, but nonetheless highly efficient and without budgetary adventures. And in this ETAP has helped us enormously. They were the only ones to be able to seamlessly integrate the luminaires into the climate ceiling with metal slats. The solution is highly energy-efficient, also because it is fitted with daylight control and presence detection.”
The central staircase is flanked by two columns of seven R8 luminaires each: a clever example of lighting architecture. “Illuminating a staircase is no  easy feat,” Thomas claims. “This solution provides even light distribution across the three floors.”

Fresh and whimsical

The financial department's building was also given a facelift. “Here the architect abandoned the traditional restraint that applies to our offices,” states Thomas. “It could all be a little fresher and more whimsical.” The new approach is illustrated by the fanciful line pattern of Kardó 90 luminaires in the corridors, which appear to have been mounted randomly on the ceiling. The clear Flare spots provide functional lighting in the individual offices enclosed in coloured Plexiglas.
“We dedicate a lot of time and attention to choosing the right lighting in our building projects,” concludes José Thomas. “This renovation once again proves that we were in the right.”

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