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ETAP lights up the Mungia Treasury office with LEDs

The Provincial council of Bizkaia has reopened its Treasury office in Mungia (Bizkaia) after carrying out a full renovation which will allow the local residents to do all the operations that are performed in the headquarters in Bilbao.
15,000 people visited this 227 square metre office last year with 97% being attended within 15 minutes.
Good lighting which allows work to be performed quickly and efficiently, and which would be an example to follow in energy savings, is the objective that the consultant, TAO Iluminación, focused on when addressing this project.
In the words of the sales director, Igor Ojanguren, "the use of downlights and ETAP Flare spots with a unique design incorporating the most advanced LED technology, allowed us to introduce a groundbreaking solution with optimum lighting, a long useful life, sustainable and with a low cost life cycle".
The Flare lens allows for unbeatable light distribution, requiring fewer luminaires and consuming less than other options; its visual comfort guarantees control over glare with values of UGR>19.
Its reduced height (70mm for the downlight) and easy assembly turn it into the perfect partner for any kind of architecture.
The guarantee offered by ETAP on its Flare downlight is a deciding factor, with a 6 year guarantee on the FLARE downlight (4 years for the controller), it is further proof of the reliability of ETAP in it range of LEDs.

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