Case study: European Parliament

Smart approach to emergency and accent lighting

In the context of the ‘Relighting’ programme, the European Parliament has renovated the lighting in the corridors of the Paul-Henri Spaak building. ETAP was responsible for both the emergency lighting and the accent lighting. The solution not only saved on energy, but also made the building safer. It is also seamlessly integrated in the existing architecture.


More security
The renovation of the emergency lighting installation resulted in a switch to 1,310 new, self-contained luminaires. ETAP delivered 830 K9 escape route luminaires with LED and 480 K5 signage luminaires with fluorescent lamps. ETAP Sales Director Michel Nicosia explains: “We chose the K5 luminaires because of the maximum integration in the ceiling. The choice for the K9 escape route luminaires was also a matter of architectural integration: they fit in seamlessly with the newly installed Flare spots (see perfectly tailor-made).”
“With these new luminaires we increase the safety,” says Nicosia. “And soon we will be going a step further. The entire emergency lighting installation is connected in a later phase to the ETAP Safety Manager (ESM). This is a central monitoring and operating system that allows the customer to monitor the installation and check at all times whether the connected luminaires are standard compliant and are working correctly.”
The customer also wanted them to be low in maintenance. To meet this demand, an exceptional cabling solution was provided: by putting plugs on the luminaire on the one hand and the battery and driver on the other hand, battery and driver can be dismantled separately. This allows you to carry out maintenance or repairs without having to remove the luminaires from the ceiling.


Perfectly tailor made
In the context of the “Relighting” project, the lighting in the corridors was also replaced. ETAP replaced the old accent lighting by 960 Flare LED spots. “We replaced the existing compact fluorescent lamps by 6W LED luminaires. This uses 30% less energy on average and if you take into account the LEDs' long life expectancy, you can make considerable cost cuts, both in terms of energy consumption and maintenance.”
The European Parliament did prescribe that the new solution had to fit in the existing ceiling cut-outs. “That too is a choice for sustainability,” believes Nicosia, “otherwise the installation time and costs would creep up needlessly. We had no problem meeting this demand, thanks to our large range and the fact we produce our own luminaires. We made an extra ring for the Flare spots to fit in the existing ceiling cut-outs.”

Project sheet:

- 960 Flare spots 6W (LED)
- 830 K9 escape route luminaires (LED)
- 480 K5 signage luminaires (fluorescent lamps)

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