Case study: Technische Universiteit Delft

Technical University Delft innovates with LED lighting

The Technical University Delft has been a pioneer in research, education and innovation for 170 years. Its choice for the new generation of ETAP LED downlights perfectly fits into this philosophy.

The campus of TU Delft accommodates a number of striking buildings, of which the TU Delft Library with its slanted and grass covered roof is the most iconic. On the inside, the entire eastern wall is one gigantic book wall rising up to a height of four floors. In the middle of the TU Delft Library, a void extends upwards in the shape of a cone that projects several metres above the roof.
The corridors in this building have recently been equipped with ETAP LED downlights, which combine rigid design and high level finish with efficient energy usage.   “Our choice was determined by three factors”, says Wim van Raalte, project manager FMVG Maintenance & Projects, who, together with his colleague Jan van der Pol, was responsible for the lighting study. “As a university, we attach great importance to the application of innovative techniques. Other qualities that confirmed our choice of LEDs are the long life cycle and the substantial energy saving.”

Satisfied students
Not only the TU Delft Library, also the Reactor Institute and the faculty of Aerospace Engineering are lit with LED downlights. “The old luminaires with compact lamps needed to be replaced”, Van Raalte explains, “and we definitely wanted to avoid alteration costs. The ETAP downlights could be integrated into the existing ceiling cutouts.”
This is not the first time that the TU Delft has worked with ETAP. Various offices, classrooms and research facilities are also fitted out with ETAP luminaires. “Also the new lighting proves to be a success”, says Wim van Raalte. “Despite the higher brightness, students and lecturers experience the LED light as a calm light source.”

Project sheet:

200 x D92 (LED)
350 x D13 (LED)

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