Case study: Mairie de Boulogne Billancourt

LED lighting attracts visitors

Last year, the municipality of Boulogne Billancourt, in the Paris suburbs, renovated the town hall's foyer. For its lighting, it has chosen ETAP's LED D4 downlights (Flare) . In addition to their elegant design, these luminaires provide good light distribution and great visual comfort. Result? Visitors linger a little longer around the information panels.


Aesthetics and harmony
The municipality has installed round D4 downlights, i.e., four around each of the eight pillars in the foyer. "The round shape of the (LED+LENSTM ) sources was a major criterion to us, given that the glass blocks in the ceiling are circular," explains Jean-Louis Letohic, in charge of renovations. "Hence the new luminaires create a harmonious setting, perfectly in line with the latter. With their low height (74 mm), the D4 can be effortlessly built into the space in the false ceiling, which is quite shallow."


To the public's taste
The result is a welcoming space, in which it is pleasant to linger. "The lighting's soft white colour provides discreet natural light that illuminates the information panels, or any exhibits held in the foyer," continues Mr Letohic.
The new lighting is also to the public's taste. "Before, the lobby used to be rather dark and unattractive due to a lack of natural light. The importance of light was therefore paramount. Downlights make the space look much more spacious and bright. The lighting sets off the exhibits held by the town in its foyer. These exhibits are more popular since visitors linger a little longer around the information panels: the lighting does not cause eye strain."


No maintenance trouble
Given that the lights are kept on all day long in the foyer, the lamps' service life was also one of our major criteria in the selection process. "This explains our choice of LEDs, since they are low-maintenance, which minimises potential inconvenience to visitors and reduces our maintenance costs,"  concludes Mr Letohic.

Project sheet:

• Downlights D42/LEDN20S (Flare) built into the ceiling
• Downlights D42/LEDN20S (Flare) along the side walls
Boulogne Billancourt
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