Case study: Lyceum Het Vlier

Excellent savings with Excellum

There is a clear connection between good learning performance and good lighting. This is certainly something the management of the Het Vlier grammar school in Deventer is convinced of. The complete renovation of the school building, whereby the new lighting installation is run by ETAP's Excellum building control system , supports this conviction.


Het Vlier is one of the six schools in the Etty Hillesum grammar school, which in turn forms part of the Carmel college foundation. This educational establishment, which operates 14 schools for special secondary education, pays particular attention to the quality and energy-efficiency of its buildings. “The school urgently needed renovating,” states Arno Jansen, Het Vlier's location manager. “With energy label G we dangled at the very bottom of the ladder. Lighting was a sticking point, with old TL luminaires and even incandescent light bulbs in lavatories and storerooms.”
“We not only wanted to replace the lighting, we also consciously sought a quality light control system,” according to Jansen. “Even if you constantly remind students that they have to switch off the lights when they leave the room, in practice they keep on forgetting.”


Impressive: 70% saving
A visit to ETAP headquarters in Malle convinced the school management of the quality of the Excellum building control system. A clever combination of intelligent time control, daylight-dependent control, adjustment to the task, presence detection and individual control provides students and teaching staff with the desired lighting level, always and everywhere. During the 2011-2012 school year, this has already resulted in an impressive 70% saving.
“Intelligent light control not always implies that the light is switched off or dimmed as much as possible," says Excellum engineer Paul Hoet. “On New Year's Eve, for example, a section of the school is intentionally lit in order to ward off vandals. Thanks to Excellum we are able to determine very accurately where and when the light will go on and off and how much light the luminaires give off. The individual control furthermore provides teachers with the opportunity to adjust lighting levels whenever necessary.
“Since the renovation, Het Vlier achieves the A energy label,” concludes a satisfied Arno Jansen. “The savings even exceed our wildest expectations”.

-438 D2- and D3-downlights
-179 UT recessed luminaires
-462 UJ recessed luminaires
-115 RJ surface mounted luminaires
-66 E6 luminaires with high protection rating