Case study: Schleswig-Holstein Netz AG

LED pilot project for energy-saving lighting

For Schleswig-Holstein Netz AG, energy saving and CO2 reduction are since a long time top priorities. The company is part of E.ON Hanse AG, one of Germany's biggest regional energy service providers. This company group - together with ETAP -  aims for total CO2 savings of over 100 t in their buildings. At the end of 2012, the new grid control centre in Niebüll started as a pilot project in order to test the newest LED lighting.

The new grid control centre in Niebüll was selected as a pilot project to investigate the saving potential of the latest LED technology. Based on the positive experience with ETAP, they opted for luminaires with LED+LENS™ technology. The combination of high power LEDs with individual lenses stands for sustainable, energy-saving and comfortable lighting in a stilish, slim design.

LED luminaires and intelligent lighting control
For the offices, E.ON selected R7 suspended luminaires with EasyDim, a light control system that automatically adjusts the lighting intensity depending on the incident daylight and/or the presence of staff. The R7 luminaires can be switched by battery-free EnOcean™ switches.
The conference room is also fitted with R7 suspended luminaires, but in the form of two five-in-line luminaires. Again, EasyDim ensures the appropriate light control. The floors are attractively and brightly lit by D42 downlights, and an R8 with LED technology shines above the reception desk.

Centrally monitored emergency lighting system
E.ON also paid the necessary attention to the emergency lighting system: both the K2 and K7 luminaires are fitted with LEDs. All emergency lighting luminaires are connected with the management system, ESMweb. The emergency lighting data are continuously transmitted over the in-house network to the central computer located in Hamburg. From there, many other buildings of the group are monitored as well. From this central computer - or any other computer in the world -  the facility managers can monitor all systems, and respond immediately to fault reports.

New lighting for good work
Sönke Nissen, manager of grid control centre Niebüll, is enthusiastic about the new rooms: "Our employees are wholly satisfied with the modern LED lighting. The pleasantly bright lighting and the excellent lighting comfort assist us in our daily work. This is a prerequisite for good work," explains Sönke Nissen. "And with the LED technology we have a fully maintenance-free lighting system with a very long lifetime. What's even more important for us as an energy provider is that we set the example by saving energy and CO2. Even in comparison with the latest lighting system using fluorescent lamps, we save approx. 1 t CO2 per year in our relatively small building".

Project data
•Offices: suspended R7 luminaires with EasyDim 
•Conference room: in-line suspended R7 luminaires 
•Floors: D42 downlights 
•Reception: suspended R8 luminaire with LED
•Emergency lighting: K7 and K2 luminaires with ESMweb