Case study: W/E adviseurs

Energy-efficiency, it goes without saying…

W/E adviseurs is an enthusiastic and creative consultancy for sustainability in construction, real estate and area development. It is only logical that the consultancy opted for ETAP's energy-efficient LED luminaires for the relighting of its new office in Eindhoven.


For W/E adviseurs sustainable construction is a natural. The consultancy provides advice and services on saving energy and on environmentally friendly construction. Customers include authorities, developers and architects, among others. In 2012 the southern Dutch branch moved from Tilburg to an office in het centre of Eindhoven.  The space consists of an open-plan office with 12 desks, a silent workstation and a conference room, over a total surface area of 220 m². For the lighting W/E adviseurs called on ETAP. Deciding factors were energy-efficiency, the appearance of the luminaires and the services provided when the lighting design was created.
‘The old lighting was highly energy-inefficient, with consumption in excess of 20 W/m²,’ according to engineer Cees Lenaerts of W/E adviseurs. ‘There was no light control, despite the large glass sections. Our priorities were to drop the installed power below 10 W/m² and to implement daylight control. We also wanted luminaires with a long service life. In addition we aimed to improve lighting comfort with higher illuminance in the offices: 750 lux instead of 500 lux.’


Opting for LEDs
Initially W/E adviseurs was thinking of T5 fluorescent luminaires. However, ETAP worked out that an equivalent or even better solution was possible with LED luminaires. That's why W/E adviseurs went for a combination of Flare downlights and U7 recessed luminaires in the office and in the silent workstation and for a suspended R7 in the conference room. In the office a large number of luminaires are fitted with ELS sensors for daylight-dependent control. The lighting is dimmable in the conference room in order to create various moods.

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