Case study: Musée du Masque

Superior safety for museum in Binche

Emergency lighting is of critical importance in a museum. The Musée International du Carnaval et du Masque in Binche opted for the safety of the K1, K2 and K9. ESM, ETAP's central management system ensures that every technical failure is reported instantly.

The Binche carnival is world-renowned. In 2003 Unesco recognised the 600-year old popular festival with the Gilles de Binche parade as its highlight, as Intangible Heritage. The small Walloon town is therefore the ideal venue for a carnival and mask museum. Visitors can admire a unique collection of masks, costumes, dolls and ritual objects from across the globe. The Musée du Masque won the Belgian museum prize in 2012.


Saving lives
For the safety of visitors, which include many children, quality emergency lighting is critical in a museum. This certainly applies to the Musée du Masque, which is housed in a handsome historic property with numerous corridors, staircases and small rooms. Whenever the lighting fails, it is not that easy to quickly locate the exit. In the event of an emergency, reliable antipanic  and escape route lighting as well as unambiguous signage can prevent disasters and even save lives.
That is why the museum management opted for ETAP. All visitor spaces are fitted with K9 emergency lighting. Thanks to the compact and stylish design the luminaires are perfectly integrated into the environment, in order not to distract visitors from the collection. Further selling points for the K9 are its long service life and energy-efficient LEDs.
The offices are fitted with K1 and the exits with the water-resistant K2 emergency lighting, which continues to do its jobs under any circumstances. The 200 luminaires are managed centrally with ESM (ETAP Safety Manager) for superior safety. ESM allows for remote control and management and provides instant alerts after failure of the emergency lighting installation. The system also features an automatic logbook function where all inspections and maintenance activities are stored. Such a logbook is required under European standard EN50172.

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