Case study: Maters en de Koning

Lighting comfort with LEDs

Maters en de Koning have worked with ETAP in the past on a number of major projects for third parties. When the Dutch engineering firm needed its own lighting supplier for its new subsidiary in Capelle aan den IJssel they quickly made their choice.

Sustainability, comfort and optimal light distribution. The luminaires for the new office had to satisfy these criteria. “The seven office spaces all have large windows,” according to business manager Ger Maters. “In order to keep out the often too strong outdoor light, we had blinds and louvered drapes installed. Comfortable lighting with sufficient illuminance was a must, especially for our technical drawing artists.”
They opted for ETAP's R7 surface-mounted luminaires. These luminaires use the LED+LENS™ technology: a combination of high-powered LEDs and individual lenses. Since Maters en de Koning wanted to reuse the existing power points, the distance between luminaires was more or less fixed. Thanks to the diversity of the R7 series (different lumen packages depending on the number of LEDs) the correct illuminance could still be guaranteed in all spaces.

The fact that, in addition, the luminaires are lightweight is another plus. The ceiling consists of wooden slats and cannot bear a lot of weight. With the ultra slim R7 (15 mm) this was no problem.
“The sustainability of the luminaires and ETAP's professional know-how have clinched the deal,” concludes Ger Maters. “The exclusive nature of this contemporary LED lighting is a welcome bonus. What surprises us the most is the lighting comfort offered by the luminaires. With LED lighting we immediately think of light that is too bright, as, for example, in car beams. But this is far from being the case in these luminaires. The give off a very tranquil light with a pleasant light colour.

Capelle aan den IJssel
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