Case study: Bureau d'études Dauchez Payet

Sustainable renovation: consultancy sets the example

Arnaud Dauchez and Laurent Payet of the Dauchez Payet consultancy left nothing to chance for the renovation of their office building. Flooring, heating, sanitary facilities, even paintings on the wall: all materials and technologies had to be sustainable and environmentally friendly. They found a like-minded partner In ETAP.


The Dauchez Payet consultancy is active in two areas: real estate management and sustainable engineering. ‘A logical and pleasant combination,’ according to co-owner Laurent Payet. ‘Our expertise in the area of energy performance and our knowledge of building management enhance and complement each other in all respects’.
In the renovation of their office building on Rue Vignon in Paris a lot of attention was paid to the choice of materials and technologies. For example, after a comparative study they opted for a wooden subfloor instead of a screed, since it has less impact on the environment. This focus on sustainability was implemented in the smallest details. For the wall decoration they chose water-colour paintings instead of solvent-based ones, since the latter release a lot more volatile organic substances.

ELS : the best solution
Obviously the consultancy did not make a hasty decision in the selection of luminaires. Lighting has to satisfy both the HQE quality standard (Haute Qualité Environnementale) and the RT (Réglementation Thermique) Rénovation. In practical terms, the installed power of the luminaires had to be less than 2.8 W/m² per 100 lux. Kardó 60, ETAP's modular lighting system, effortlessly met these standards (6.82 W/m² for a desired illuminance between 300 and 400 lux). The suspended Kardó luminaires were installed both individually and in-line. Since the offices have outside windows, all luminaires are fitted with an ELS sensor. ‘Artificial light is almost unnoticeably dimmed as more daylight comes in. This is the best solution both in terms of comfort and energy-efficiency,' according to Laurent Payet.

For Laurent Payet it was also important for the lighting to highlight the stylish building's architecture. ‘The Kardo's Equilum baffles not only provide pleasant lighting, but also refer to the ceilings' decorative moulding, which provides aesthetic added value,’ he states.
Arnaud Dauchez and Laurent Payet consider this sustainable renovation to be the showpiece for their company. ‘We wanted to set the example for our clients in all areas and we feel that we succeeded,’ concludes Laurent Payet.

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