Case study: Hahbo

Flexible building seeks flexible lighting

Do not call a LLEXX room a mere container classroom. These flexible modules are fully fledged rooms, which could provide a permanent solutions for the classroom shortage. High-quality materials and state-of-the art ETAP lighting complete the picture. 


Ecological, fleXible and eXpress), timber specialist Hahbo from Wijnegem (Belgium) capitalises on the school building shortage. Each year, quite a few schools have to make do with tight and uncomfortable container classes. LLEXX rooms are erected almost as quickly as these container classes, but are a lot more sustainable and can easily be used over a longer period of time or even be permanently integrated into the school campus.
Hahbo called on the Belgian designer Axel Enthoven for the design of the LLEXX modules, who created a purified mould in a timber frame, with a uniquely flexible lining. The module can also be finished as an office building. The structure is the same – a room measuring 8 x 8 meters with a slanted ceiling - but due to the distinct finish the end result looks completely different.


Three versions
“Sustainability, aesthetics, energy-efficiency and high-quality finish are the most important features of the LLEXX modules,” according to Guy Somers, Hahbo CEO. “They were also our guides when we were in search of a partner for the lighting. In ETAP Hahbo found a partner who is a major and important player in that market. A partner who exudes trust, reliability and craftsmanship.”
A flexible module obviously requires flexible lighting. “That is why we provide three versions for the classroom,” states ETAP Senior Account Manager Yolande Spildooren. “The customer can choose between a module with E5 luminaires, one with R4 (both fluorescent luminaires with reflectors), or one with the R7 LED+LENS™ luminaires. Within these three versions we offer further options, such as mounting (surface-mounting or suspended), daylight-dependent control, etc.” The classroom also comes with an entrance hall with R4 diffuser luminaires and a sanitary space with compact R7 LED luminaires. The office module is offered with R7 lighting, but here as well the customer can opt for alternatives.
“Also thanks to the high-quality lighting we are able to provide the comfort of a permanent building with our modular rooms, which furthermore creates aesthetic added value,” concludes Guy Somers.

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