Case study: Wageningen UR

Orion campus: energy-efficient and custom-made 

After ETAP provided lighting for the first building on the Wageningen UR campus, the university also opted for ETAP luminaires in the brand-new Orion building. The focus was on energy-efficiency and customisation.

The Orion building is a true attention-getter on the Wageningen University and Research Centre campus (Wageningen UR). The sober, pentagonal, 8-storey building, with its grey façade and green enamelled glass stands like a monolith in its green setting. Orion provides educational facilities to 2,600 students. Once inside the large lecture hall particularly stands out, which extends over two floors, like a spaceship. The hall accommodates 744 students, but can also be flexibly split into smaller spaces.
The building's unique design called for unique luminaires. And ETAP installed a special version of D1 downlights in the hall's arched ceiling. Custom-made UW LED luminaires were incorporated in the stairs with an asymmetric reflector to prevent glare.
The smooth ceilings in the labs, designed by the architect in order to maximise insulation, represented a challenge. Recessed luminaires with a specially developed click system were incorporated. R6 luminaires with a milk glass cover plate and the emergency unit are located in the stairwell. ETAP also delivered the emergency lighting (K9 and K7).

A model of energy-efficiency
The new educational building had to become a model of energy-efficiency in addition to its beautiful architecture. The building is provided with concrete core activation and is connected to a geothermal heat pump. The GreenCalc-score, an instrument that maps out a building's sustainability, is no less than 480 (standard is 100). ETAP contributed with energy-efficient and dimmable luminaires, combined with daylight-dependent light control within the luminaires on the window sides.
“After prior positive experiences it was logical that this time, we once again took the plunge with ETAP,” states Jan de Rooij of the Real Estate and Housing department of the Wageningen UR. “Reactions to the various lighting installations have been very positive”.

Project sheet

390 x E6
900 x D1 downlights
1300 x U16 recessed luminaires with a specially developed click system
100 x R6
224 x UW


Emergency lighting:
87 x K2
55 x K3
20 x K5
220  x K7 

Ector Hoogstad Architecten
ABT Bouwtechnisch Adviesbureau
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