Case study: Groupe Scolaire Leval

Excellent report for lighting in new school

In Leval in northern France, the children are now accommodated in a brand-new school building. ETAP supplied comfortable and energy-efficient lighting.


The construction of the new school fits into a town planning project in the municipality of Leval, whereby three schools were grouped together in the immediate vicinity of the town hall and multimedia library, thus reinforcing the . town's new central focus.
Architectural firm TGMP Architectes Associés was commissioned to turn the school into a flagship for this new neighbourhood. The striking wooden building with glass entrance hall dominates the junction of the main access roads into Leval. “For the façade we used a local wood variety, which emphasises the ties this school has with its environment,” clarifies architect Thierry Grislain.

Light control with EasyDim

In addition to local anchoring, sustainability was also a major focus for the building project. Major trump cards include the wood-fired boiler and of course ETAP's energy-efficient lighting.
“All classrooms have a double aspect thanks to their volumetry and overlook the playground,” says Thierry Grislain. "As a result, both students and teachers benefit optimally from daylight.” Daylight-dependent light control in the classrooms was therefore a logical choice.
Together with the HDM Ingénierie SA consultancy, ETAP developed a solution with EasyDim, with both daylight-dependent control and motion detection. For the luminaires, the energy-efficient U5 series was chosen, complemented by asymmetric reflectors for blackboard lighting. E5 luminaires, hidden behind the protruding ceiling, provide additional, indirect lighting.

The importance of details
“Thanks to ETAP's extensive range, we were able to differentiate sufficiently,” Thierry Grislain continues. “In the corridors and traffic spaces, D1 and D42 downlights with LED were chosen. Motion sensors result in further energy-savings. The children's sleeping spaces feature UM1 luminaires with diffusers, which diffuse a soft, comfortable light, which is also dimmable. In the motivity room we opted for R8 diffusors.”
The client's energy efforts have not been futile. The school building's total energy consumption is 30 to 40% lower than the BBC standard (Bâtiment Basse Consommation).
Aesthetically the new school was also given an excellent report. “The design of the ETAP luminaires completed the picture for us,” concludes Thierry Grislain. “This also applies to LED emergency lighting for that matter: the K7 in the corridors perfectly blends with the architecture. And since details are important, a single K8 hangs over the motivity room's emergency exit, which, with its cylindrical shape, perfectly dovetails with the R8 luminaires.”

Project data


•60 U5 and UT6 recessed luminaires
•20 E5 surface mounted luminaires
•20 EasyDim units
•24 UM1- en R8 diffuser luminaires
•84 D13- en D42 LED downlights


Emergency lighting
•14 K2- en K8 luminaires
•24 K7 luminaires

TGMP Architectes Associés
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