Case study: Stylo des Grands Hommes

The luxury of lighting

The Stylo des Grands Hommes boutique is located in Bordeaux’ famous golden triangle. The pens, watches and other luxury goods shine under ETAP’s LED lighting.


The Marché des Grands Hommes was built at the end of the 18th century by Victor Louis (designer o f the Paris Palais Royal galleries) and is an architectural heritage site in Bordeaux. The building was converted into a luxury shopping centre in the late 1980s.
In a store like Le Stylo des Grands Hommes (SGH) it is important for the luxury goods to be shown to their full advantage. Lighting is of overriding importance in this context. The owner, Mr Tripon, wanted to combine aesthetics and functionality while saving energy in the lighting renovation.
Various lighting levels were established in the store’s various zones in a lighting study. Between 800 and 900 lux to put the spotlight on the items in the shop window and to attract attention. Between 800 and 1000 lux for the racks and the cash register and approximately 700 lux on the floor for easy customer flow.
ETAP suggested a full LED solution with a warm colour temperature of 3000° Kelvin to create a pleasant atmosphere. The Luxial D13 recessed and D23 surface-mounted luminaires provide discreet lighting with high visual comfort. Facet reflectors promote high output and are particularly stylish. To give the installation more oomph, Flare spots were added.


30% savings
39 luminaires suffice to illuminate approximately 100 m² of store surface area with only 2.16 w/m²/100 lux, which is 30% less than a traditional solution. Another advantage is maintenance. The old lighting required two call-outs every year. Thanks to a lifespan of more than 50,000 hours for the LEDs, the next maintenance is scheduled in…14 years.

Frédéric Escoubet
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