Case study: Gewerbeschule G9

Energy-efficient sports in Hamburg

With more than 600 sports halls for 1.9 million inhabitants Hamburg can justifiably call itself a sporty city. Lighting in these gyms must be replaced on a regular basis. ETAP installed E7 LED luminaires in four school gyms. Result: comfortable lighting, flexibility and impressive energy saving.

With targeted, energy-saving modernisation measures, SBH | Schulbau Hamburg aims to lower the energy bill in Hamburg schools and sports halls. Lighting obviously plays an important role in this context. ETAP's E7 luminaires were chosen for the relighting of the G9 automotive engineering school. E7 uses LED+LENS™ technology: high-power LEDs with individual lenses that blend lighting comfort with sophisticated light distribution.

Rough handling 
Lighting in a gym must be able to handle some rough handling, which is why the luminaires are subjected to a ball test consisting of a ball being thrown against the luminaire 36 times, from three different angles and at a speed of 60 km/hour. After this salvo the luminaire should not display damage that could jeopardise electrical safety. The E7 luminaires came through with flying colours and therefore satisfy the DIN VDE 0710-13 standard.

The sports halls are used by students during school hours. In the evening and during weekends they are used by neighbourhood sports clubs. “Depending on the activity, different levels of illuminance are required,” according to Stephan Börger, Area-Sales-Coordinator at ETAP. “Since the luminaires are controlled by DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) we were able to offer the requested flexibility. For school sports we provide an illuminance of 300 lux. Clubs need 500 lux illuminance during training and official competitions require 750 lux.”

ETAP provided the scenarios, enabling the sportsmen and women to choose the correct illuminance with the press of a button. Light control results in further energy-savings and user comfort: ELS sensors dim the lights at times of sufficient daylight. Motion sensors switch the light off when no one is around

Impressive saving
In addition to comfort and flexibility, ETAP was primarily convincing with the savings potential of its lighting solution. For the G9 school it represents no less than 63%, thanks to the energy-efficiency of the E7 luminaires and the long service life of the LEDs, which make lamp replacement redundant. Similar savings are expected for the other sports halls.


 Old lightingRelighting with E7
Number of luminaires9063
Installed power19.080 W11.781 W
Lamps' service life16.000 h50.000 h
Annual power consumption66.780 kWh24.740 kWh
Annual energy cost14.553 euro5.354 euro
Annual saving 63,1 percent
Annual CO2-saving 25,4 tons
Sports and leisure
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